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Oprah’s Life-Changing Lessons: Hear Your Intuition, Find Purpose & Live Your Best Life Now! (pt 2)

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Get ready for an unprecedented, powerful and purposeful conversation with the legendary, iconic Oprah Winfrey like you’ve never seen or heard before! In part 2 of this incredible conversation, Jamie and Oprah dive deep into her life lessons, personal challenges, and revelations on hearing and trusting your intuition, the power of faith, discovering your purpose, living out your calling, and living your best life! 

She’s known as the most influential and powerful woman in the world, a queen of all media, America’s first black female billionaire, a Titan, icon, living legend, the woman who’s inspired multiple generations in their living rooms. And in this episode, you, Jamie and Oprah go on an incredible journey together, of building your self-worth, embracing your own authenticity, learning to trust yourself and believe that you are worthy. Because you are! 


Oprah Episode 2 Reflective Questions for YOU:

1) Is faith an important part of your life and is it an area you’re looking to grow deeper in? Have you ever felt the presence of a power greater than yourself?

2) Do you have a daily or frequent practice that helps you hear and trust your own intuition? Perhaps it’s getting still, meditation, or prayer. And when you hear your intuition do you trust it?

3) What are some of the areas in your life that might be drowning out the voice of your own intuition? Perhaps the noise of technology, social media, the constant news cycle, the need to feel busy all the time, etc.?

4) What’s one simple small change you can make to silence some of that noise in your daily life, even if just for a small window of time each day?

5) How connected and clear do you feel when it comes to your life’s purpose or calling? You may have many purposes/callings.

6) What’s one or more unplanned outcomes or detours that have happened in your life, that in hindsight, were complete blessings?

7) Do you feel you’re currently living the highest, trust expression of who you are? If not, what’s one thing you can do to begin to?

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Get Ready to Believe In YOU! Welcome to the Jamie Kern Lima Show! You Belong Here! 

Imagine. . .overcoming self-doubt, learning to believe in yourself and trust yourself and know you’re enough. Imagine stepping into all of who you are, and into the person you were born to be. . . unstoppable. Unstoppable in your joy, your success, your faith and in your belief in yourself! 

The Jamie Kern Lima Show is for you if you’re ready to ignite that light inside of you, and learn to shine it brightly, even if it’s for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. IT’s YOUR time, today is YOUR day, and THIS is your show. 

This is How You Trust Yourself. This is How You Love Yourself. This is How You Believe in Yourself. Welcome to the Jamie Kern Lima Show!

I am so honored you are here! And in this and every episode of The Jamie Kern Lima Show, I hope you’ll come as you are. Heal where you need. Blossom what you choose. Journey toward your calling. And stay as long as you’d like. Because YOU belong here! You, exactly as you are, are enough and fully worthy! You are loved, you are love, and I love you! 

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Jamie Kern Lima is a self-made entrepreneur, champion of women, philanthropist, keynote speaker and Co-founder of IT Cosmetics, a company she started in her living room and sold to L’Oreal for $1.2 Billion, becoming the first female CEO in L’Oreal’s 100+ year history. She’s on the Forbes Richest Self-Made Womens List and is an active investor in more than 15 companies. Jamie is passionate about inspiring and mentoring entrepreneurs, building businesses, making a difference in the lives of women and girls and giving back in a big way.

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